Monday, January 7, 2013

Phone bills are for the poor

If it looks like a woman, talks like a woman, then who's to say 'get in the kitchen, the sammiches won't make themselves'.

Trashy tabloid nonsense. Let's have a look at what's on the plate today. Justine Bieber has been calling Selena Gomez after breaking up, on excess of 100 times a day, prompting concern and-

Who the hell gives a shit?

Tabloid nonsense. Why are we so obsessed with these fucking teenagers who are barely old enough for sex let alone 'serious relationships'? If the kid wants to be a creepy little stalker and be the bane of everyone who wishes they could afford to waste that much credit phoning some bimbo then why should we care? This saturation of stupid news benefits noone. There are people dying, wars being fought, financial issues, and far more important things then teen stalking. Yet, number three on tvnz is 'justin bieber calling selena gomez 100 times a day' shortly followed by 'schools pay out 560k in novopay mistakes' and 'missing fisherman found dead'. Some mexican and some canadian kids having relationship trouble garner more interest? This is why there is a decline in society as of late. The priorities and contentious issues are over-saturated to the point we choose to ignore them, and the only media attention given is splashed on justin biebers latest tampon commercial or whatever. 

This shit needs to be left to trashy tabloid publications, not news websites. And Justin, Carly Rae phoned and wants you to remember the 'maybe' bit. Just saying.

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