Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chris Brown - Gentleman and scholar

Rihanna, beaten so severely that a strange TMZ logo appeared on her face

We hear the stories on a daily basis. Taylor Swift has broken up with someone again. Tom Cruise is a insane alien worshipper. Chris Brown and Rihanna are together after he redecorated her face.

Woah, hold on.

I despise abuse in any form, particularly marital or family violence. It seems that Rihanna severely underestimates her place in this world by continuing to be with Chris Brown. Sources recently indicate that the relationship is going well, with gems such as "He's trying to be a good man this year, and so far he's doing  that." Note the qualifier 'so far'. We're not even a week into 2013 and this source is too scared to even make a bold claim about Rihanna's safety. Sounds good to me.

Some of the wording is also questionable. The insider said that 'Rihanna is keen to have a solid foundation for their romance in order for it to work this time around' going on to say she hopes that she can 'spend every day of January with him in order to cement their relationship.' Foundation? Cement? What does this mean? Is Chris Brown going to propose to Rihanna in an abandoned building site and then will clobber her with a cinder block to celebrate?

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