Thursday, November 15, 2012

Four more years

Mitt Romney once again fails to connect with his asian constituents.

Well it's post election, and as highly expected Obama beat Romney handily, carrying all but one of the battleground states in a 206/332 electoral vote beating. His concession speech spoke kindly of the result, but the anger and frustration of millions of wasted dollars to lose by about three and a half million votes was evident in his souless eyes. 

And now he's trashing the minorities again in defeat. Rather than being simply forgotten like he should, he wants to go out in a manner even Scrooge and Mr Burns would be ashamed of. Putting down the lack of minority votes for the Republican ticket to 'pandering to the minorities enjoyment of free things' rather than a lack of Mitt's outreach to those minorities. An out of touch old man who owns a lift for his cars at one of his homes simply cannot sympathise with the needs of the lower and middle class.  Further to these setbacks saying that 47% of the vote 'was never going to vote for him' is basically claiming that most Americans are lost causes. Great way to unify the nation, Mitt.

Obama is definitely the better choice right now - the more interesting thing to watch will be the election that follows a two term presidency. No incumbency, no familiarity with the nominees for each party - that's something that will be very fascinating to watch. You know, those of you who own televisions and eat caviar off a brazilian strippers stomach. Normal people.

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