Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trumped again

Dinner with Dick Cheney and Joan Rivers?

Seriously, though. Imagine what it would be like sitting down with these two. Most people would be driven insane in the first 13 seconds. The real estate mogul and the Bain finance supreme overlord in the same room would be enough for most people to dive out the window, but willingly allowing yourself to consume food at the same time as these two? You'll be hoping that something in the food kills you before your brain melts like a cube of cheese in a fireplace.

The thin lizzie addict has been in the news again, claiming that Obamas birth certificate is still a fake. I guess he doesn't like being wrong? I guess with all the ass kissing on the apprentice, his opinion seems to make sense to him. But hey, if you were getting paid big money to pretend that he was clever, wouldn't it be worth it?

Probably not, actually.

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