Monday, May 14, 2012

So, a man named Adrian Vasquez is attempting to sue a cruise ship company for negligence, after being stuck at sea and having his two companions die from dehydration.

Wait a minute.

Adrian was on a completely unrelated fishing trip when this happened. Princess Cruises had nothing to do with the failure of his boat, or his subsequent ordeal.

So why is he suing them?

According to a UN convention discussing law of the sea, the duty to render assistance is there to help those in distress, to the best of their ability insofar as they are able. So their unfortunate passing of this man has put them in the firing line for a several million dollar lawsuit.

I think this is unfair. The cruise had NOTHING to do with him, yes it is terrible that they did not pick him up but a cruise ship is designed for rest and relaxation, not humanitarian efforts and water scouting for shipwreck survivors and rescue. If this had been a military run operation, or the ship in question had been one used for humanitarian efforts in regards to helping others in these unfortunate situations, then yes, a lawsuit would be appropriate. This is unfortunate that simply because one is at sea, they become liable for anyone elses problems.

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