Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm back.

It's been two years, but now I am here with more passion and finesse than ever before, and hopefully this brings me some success as a blogger. From now on, I will address the news as only I can.

Currently Osama Bin Laden's documents have made public release - this seems a funny time to do it (one year after his death, election year worries?) where the taliban symbol of 'freedom' (nothing says I want to free the hell out of you like hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings) implies that Obama or General Petraeus (highest ranked military officer running the afganistan war) would be better targets than the vice president "Rambling" Joe Biden. Seriously. Bin Laden was hidin' but wanted Joe Biden. Who would have guessed that Osama's greatest weapon was the guy who whispered in President Obama's ear after his Obamacare win that the win was a "big fucking deal" - nearby a microphone that picked up his gaffe. What was he going to do? Fall asleep at the oval office during a terrorist attack? Please.

I'd love to see Mitt Romney use that as a political ad. "Obama is such a Muslim that his second in command was planned to not be assassinated because he could bring down America."

We can dream.

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