Friday, May 4, 2012

The french connection

So, the incumbent right winger Nicholas Sarkozy is preparing for an ousting by socialist Francois Hollande. I personally expect Mr Sarkozy to lose this run off election. Perhaps he shouldn't have been flaunting around his supermodel wife when the Euro is in such a pathetic position.

It will be interesting to see what happens here - it is much like the highly contested American elections of 2008. The 'socialist' choice ended up taking the win - and history was made. As far as the 2012 elections are concerned, it is my belief that if presumptive nominee Mitt Romney becomes the inevitable GOP pick - that his blandness and lack of charisma will put him in the same boat as John Kerry. John Kerry, you ask? He's the guy who lost the 2004 elections to Junior. Yes, George one-in-the-white-house-is-worth-two-in-the-bush beat him senseless. Whilst Hollande is supposed to be a bland choice compared to the king of french stereotypes, his stability is something the french need desperately.

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